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Workshop LOLER Inspections

Thorough Examinations covering everything you could have in a garage from vehicle lifts to Trolley Jacks, chains & shackles. Do you have a ganrty crane ? Yes; we cover them too.

ForkliftHeavy Plant Inspections

Thorough Examination services covering both LOLER and PUWER for all material handling equipment from a small fork lift to a 70t Reachstacker. We can even visit for farm machinery & attachments.

Recovery lift

Cranes & Vehicle Mounted Cranes

A full fleet Inspection can be carried out and certification for any vehicle mounted equipment such as HIAB Cranes or Rotators.

Each vehicle will be issued an individual report covering any winch, LLC, Underlift etc plus a full list of all lifting equipment stored on that vehicle.


PSSR (Pressure system / Compressor) Inspections

We are competent to produce a Written Schemes of examination alongside any Compressor examination. Compressors , tanks and associated pipework are all included.

We use ultasonic test equipment alongside any strip down or visual examination. Please get in touch if you are unsure.

A Thorough Examination is a Legal Requirement

Often simply referred to as a “LOLER Inspection”, a Thorough Examination can actually just cover LOLER or (ie for Fork lift trucks) both of the inspection requrements of A) Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998  and B) Provision and use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 dependent on the item being inspected.

This examaination is covered in more detail here

Regulations state that these examinations should be undertaken by a competent person at regular intervals , In most cases a 3rd party independent and qualified person such as provided by My LOLER is the best way to cover you as an owner or operator of lifting equipment.

If your ever unfortunate enough to have an accident on site you may find yourself reaserching the phrase ‘competent person’. Guidelines state that the person who wishes to be deemed competent at carrying out Thourough Examinations should have A) appropriate practical and theoretical knowledge B) Experience of the lifting equipment.

As the term itself is not defined by law what does all this actually mean?

Most Inspectors employed by any Insurance company will have as a minimum:  A) A HNC in an Engineering field. B) 5 Years Experience. C) Have completed an accredited LOLER Examiners Course.

As for what is defined by law; The competent person must be sufficiently independent as to ensure that examinations are made without fear or favour.  The person Inspecting should also not be the same person who undertakes routine maintenance of the equipment – as they would then be responsible for assessing their own maintenance work.

Your Insurance providor may specify that LOLER inspections are to carried out by an independant body, please always check with them.

The Health and saftey Executive have put a short article together covering the basics of what you should know about Thorough Examinations as an employer: http://www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/indg422.pdf

forklift Truck

Is your Machine legal?

Do you employ people who use lifting equipment (even if you use hire vehicles )? Yes? It’s your responsibility to arrange for a Thorough Examination, this can be comparable to putting your car through a MOT.

The best approach is:

  • Ensure operators carry out pre use / daily checks
  • Have any reported faults repaired
  • Have items such as fork lifts serviced at regular intervals
  • Arrange a Thorough Examination at the correct intervals
  • Ensure you receive a Thorough examination report.
  • Have any items highlighted in your exam reoprt repaired.
  • Keep the Thorough Examination Report somewhere safe

We can help by offering:

  • Free consultation and someone to call during any emergency
  • No obligation quotes
  • Full inspection schedule management; we will always contact you prior to the next inspection renew date
  • Any dangerous items are reported immidiatley whilst on site

Would you like a quote, maybe discuss your sites requirements, look into discount for customers with a large fleet, maybe even just a random chat about whats what in the world of lifting equipment; we are always happy to help.